Roja Art Conservation, 

Restoration and Conservation of Artworks 

Strip lining is one of the most important treatments which extend artwork's life in the restoration of artworks field. ‚Äč
Canvas can be stretched back to the frame through this treatment


Most of the restoration projects necessitate retouching treatment. Every retouching treatment must be done carefully for each artwork. Besides this, every material must be reversible. The retouched area must be made without overflowing on the original painting. Retouching is an aesthetic treatment which is must be made perfect by a restorer. Also, retouching should be compatible with the entire painting. 

Because of many reasons, paint layers might be cracked and cause to paint loss. For these reasons, surfaces are taken under control with soft and light paper. 


Surface Cleaning

Surface cleaning is the main treatment of the restoration and conservation of artworks process. Painting surfaces need to clean because of the atmospheric dirt and yellowed varnish. Cleaning must be done very carefully and materials are must be special for each painting