This painting made by the French artist Francois Boucher in the 1740s and was send it to our studio a few months ago. It is made as an oil painting on canvas with Rococo style and we found out this painting has been restored a long time ago. During the documentation for the painting, We have seen tears on the canvas, a patch, fillings, and retouches that were made before. When the painting is viewed from the front, the strip that goes from top to the down on the left side might be a result of tear or scratch and that line has been restored as an inappropriate way and it caused to irreversible damage on the artwork


As part of this restoration project completed by Roja Art Conservation, dirt and dust accumulated on the back surface and between the canvas were thoroughly cleaned. The canvas which was weakened by rusty nails structurally supported with the application of strip lining from the edges. Also, the existing dense dirt and varnish layer on the paint layer was carefully cleaned. Instead of the inappropriate and irreversible patches, fillings, and retouches that have been made before, we have completed our structural and aesthetic applications for this painting with the materials that have been accredited by the international standards. Finally, we think that we have extended the life of this artwork by applying a specially formulated varnish that protects it from UV rays.