Surface Cleaning

Your paintings need to be taken care and it must be as same as the artist made at first. Surface dirt causes to paintings look much different than the painter has made before. Painting surfaces easily can become dirty because of atmospheric pollution. Also by the time, yellowed varnishes should be cleaned from the surface. For these reasons, paintings are must be cleaned from dirt once in two years at least 

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Artworks must be conserved indirectly or directly ways. Because of the environmental conditions or materials used in artworks, might cause problems. Especially paintings effects and damages easier than the other artworks. With many years of experience, we can handle this kind of problem. After a short examination, we can certainly decide that your painting must be conserved or not.

Documentation and Consultation

We are not only offering treatments but documentation and consultation for your artworks. By this means you can have record with written and photographed. We recording of damaged areas and taking picture of artworks with many ways which is like ultraviolet and infrared 

Structural Restoration

With many reasons, condition of the paintings might get worse. In this case paintings need to be reviewed. Canvas might lose the stability or tear and hole might happens. Various structural treatment might be necessary. We handle and consider those kind of problem for you.